Biography of Shaykh Al-Islam Thanaullah Amritsari

Shaykh Thanaullah was born in June 1868/Rabee Al-Awwal 1275 in Amritsar, the area of his elders was the province of Srinagar the village of Anant Nag. His father Shaykh Khidr left Kashmir in 1860/1276 and emigrated to Amritsar. Shaykh Thanaullah was 7 years old when his father passed away and 14 years old when his […]

Bio of Shaykh Mohammad Ozair Shams

Shaykh Muhammad Ozair Shams was born in 1957 in the province of Bihar in India. His father Shamsul Haq and grand father Razaullah were distinguished scholars of their area. His father named him Ozair but later on he added Muhammad before and Shams after. His studies Shaykh Ozair Shams started his studies in the Madrasah […]

Biography of Allamah Atahullah Haneef Bhujiyani

This biography is taken from a biography made by Shaykh Mohammad Ozair Shams, present in “Al-I’tisam, Ishaat Khas bi Yaad Molana Muhammad Ataullah Haneef Al-Bhujiyani”, which is a 1200 pages book on Shaykh Ataullah Al-Bhujiyani. This large book contains articles of many scholars on the Shaykh’s biography, works, political and religious activities, their meetings with […]

Biography of Allamah Shamsul Haq Azimabadi

Allamah Azimabadi was a famous scholar from INDIA in 19th century(1857-1911). He is the student of another great scholar of his time Maulana Nazir Hussain Dehlawi. He authored the famous book “AWN-AL-MABUD” the sharah of Abu Dawud. Name and Genealogy Abu-al-Tayyab Muhammad Shams-al-Haq bin Shaikh Ameer ‘Ali bin Shaikh Maqsood ‘Ali bin Shaikh Ghulam Haidar […]

Biography of Allamah AbdulGhafar Hasan

Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan (1913-2007) Shaykh ‘Abdul Ghaffar Hasan, father of Shaykh Suhayb Hasan, was born in a family of scholars. Short presentation of Shaykh ‘Abdul Jabbar ‘Umarpuri, grand father of Shaykh ‘Abdul Ghaffar Hasan Shaykh ‘Abdul Jabbar ‘Umarpuri (born in 1277H) was a great scholar and Muhadith. He studied from the following scholars: Qari […]