Did Imam Ahmad allow Tabarruk with the Prophetic grave (saw)? Dr Alawi Saqqaf.

What has been quoted from Imam Malik, Ash-Shafi’I, Ahmad and agreement of Salaf on this: Shaykh Khalil Al-Maliki (776) wrote "At-Tawdih fi Sharh Mukhtasar ibn Al-Hajib" (2/101): "Ibn Wahb narrates in Al-Mukhtasar: Malik was asked: Where should the one who intends sending Salam (at the grave) stand? and he replied: "From the corner close to […]

Fabricated Ahadith mentioned by As-Subki in “Shifa as-Siqam” and refuted by Hafiz ibn Abdil Hadi in his “Sarim Al-Munki”

Fabricated Hadith “He who visits my grave after my death, it is as if visited me in my life” Hafiz ibn ‘Abdil Hadi said in “Sarim Al-Munki fi Radd ‘ala Subki” about the Hadith collected by Ad-Daraqutni and quoted by Subki in his “Shifa As-Siqam”: Abu Rabi’ Az-Zahrani from Hafs ibn Abi Dawud from Layth […]

The Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifah: the dead cannot hear

“Ayatul Bayinat” of Nu’man Al-Alusi Adapted from “Ayatul Bayinat” of Nu’man Al-Alusi, son of Mahmud Al-Alusi Al-Hanafi author of “Ruh ul-Ma’ani”, with the notes of Shaykh Albani. Allamah Hasakafi said in his “Durul Mukhtar Sharh Tanwir Al Absar” in the chapter of oath in beating, killing and others: “…”And the matter that is specific to […]