Kashf and Ilham

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah on Kashf Shaykh ibn Utheymeen’s explanation of Wasitiyah Shaykh Ibn Utheymeen said about “Kashf” in his Sharh Wasitiyah of Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah: “Concerning his statement: “In types of knowledge (Ul-Ulum) and unveiling (Al-Mukashafat), and types of ability (Al-Qudrah) and effects (At-Ta’thirat):” meaning that Karamah is divided into two categories: A […]

Will each individual of the 72 sects go to the hellfire?

Shaykh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyah wrote: “Those who excommunicate the exponents of heresy and fancy (ahl al-bid’ah wa al-Ahwa) like the Shi’ah, the Mu’tazilah and others, go against the Qur’an and the Sunnah, the consensus of the Companions and the Successors. The proof that the Companions did not declare the Khawarij kafir is that they offered […]

Voting and elections by Shaykh Sa’di, Shaykh Ahmad Shakir and Hafiz Thanaullah Madni

Shaikh AbdurRahman ibn Nasir AS-Sa'di, one of Imam of Ahle Sunnat of our times, wrote in his Tafsir Surah Hud, 91: "Based upon this, if the Muslims who live under Wilayah (rule) of disbelievers, if they strive and act upon making this Wilayah (rule) democratic (Jumhooriyah), in which the individuals and people have the rights […]

Ahl e Hadith leaders on elections and cooperation

Hafiz Muhammad Gondalwi views on politics and cooperation in it Hafiz Muhammad Gondalwi, one of greatest scholar of Ahl e Hadith omvement and senior leader of Markazi Jamiat Ahl e hadith Pakistan, wrote in “Tanqeedul Masail” about politics in Pakistan: “Ahl e Hadith should not try to make their political group separate, likewise Deobandis should […]

“The reality of Karamat and can they occur for innovators?” by Shaykh Salih Aal Shaykh

Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah wrote in "Furqan Bayna Awliya Rahman wa Awliya Shaytan" Eng tran p 155: "It is not a prequisite for a Waliy of Allah that he be free of sin or error, instead it is possible that some knowledge of the Shariah be unknown to him or some aspects of the religion […]

English Translations of books of Ahl e Hadith scholars of Indopak

A list of books of Ahl e Hadith Scholars from Indopak in English (with some students at the end: 1) "Time is running out" of Imam Siddiq Hassan Khan (Al-Firdous LTD London, 186p) 2) “The Tarjuman Al-Quran”, 3 vol, by Shaykh Abul Kalam Azad (Kitab Bhavan) 3) "A History of the Ahlul Hadeeth" by Shaykh […]

English translated books of Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah

Books of Shaykh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyah translated into English Aqidah/refutation of sects. 1) Friends of Allah & the Friends of Shaytan, 384p, published by Daar Us-Sunnah 2) 3 English explanations of Al-Wasitiyah 2.1) The Creed of Al-Wasitiyyah, with notes of Ibn Taymiyah from other books, 176p, compiled by Abu Rumaysah, published by Daar Sunnah. 2.2) […]

Boycotting the innovator is only legislated when Maslahah (Benefit)

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in his Majmoo v 28 p 212: "So when there is not in his boycott deterring for anyone or ceasing for anyone, rather it leads to cancelling many of the good things prescribed, then boycotting him is not ordered, as mentioned by Ahmad to the people of Khurasan when they […]