Cooperating with people who fell into innovation in some matters

Cooperating in elections against Seculars Sh Ibn Baz was asked as in his “Majmu Fatawa wa Maqalat Al-Mutanawa’ah” (4/166-167) about the Sudani Islamic front which gathers different groups Harakiyah, Sufis, Salafis, and he was told they are opposing the communists and he said: “Help between the Muslims in fighting the Madhahib of destruction and calls […]

Will the killer of Ammar ibn Yasir go to hell?

Is the killer of Ammar ibn Yasir going to hell? This article is adapted from an article written by Shaykh Irshadul Athari and published in the magazine “I’tisam” n 10 march 2007 It is attributed to the Prophet (saw) that he said about Ammar ibn Yasir: ‘The killer of Ammar and the one who will […]

Action is part of Eman, Kufr can occur with action only

Kufr can occur with action alone Dr Shaykh ‘Alawi Saqqaf has written a Risalah entitled “Tawassut wal Iqtisad fi Anna Kufra yakunu bil Qawl awil Fi’l Awil I’tiqad” showing that Kufr can occur with by speech, action or creed. And this Risalah has been introduced by Shaykh Ibn Baz who send its publication is beneficial […]