Strange Fatawa in Hanafi books of Fiqh

These extracts are taken from “Sayf Muhammadi” of Shaykh Junagri, “Haqiqatu Fiqh” of Shaykh Jepuri, “Zafar Al-Mubin fi Rad Aghlat Muqalidin” of Abul Hasan As-Silakoti, student of Imam Nadheer Husayn Ad-Dehlawi. Ghulu (exaggeration) about Hanafi Fiqh “The book “Durul Mukhtar” was written by the Prophet’s tongue” (Muqadimah Durul Mukhtar) “In a dream the Prophet saw […]

The falsehood of Taqlid Shakhsi

Definition of Taqlid Ibn Humam said in his Tahrir as quoted from Shawkani in his “Irshad ul Fuhul”: “Taqlid is acting on the action of someone whose saying is not among Hujjah without prove.” Also in “Muthalam uth Thubut” p 289 it is said that following Quran, Hadith, Ijma’, Qadhi making judgment based on testimony […]

The status of the Ahadith in the Hanafi book of Fiqh “Al-Hidayah” by Shaykh Irshadul Haq Athari, Dawud Arshad and Muhammad Junagri

Some fabricated Ahadith in “A-Hidayah” and some other books of Hanafi Fiqh. The five first examples are based and adapted from the book of Shaykh Irshad Ul Haqq Al-Athari “Ahadith Hidayah”, as well as the introduction. Introduction ‘Allamah Al-Luknawi wrote in his “An-Nafi’ Al-Kabir”: “What we have mentioned in this grading of books, this is […]