The reality of the Shadhili order

The creed of Ash-Shadhili, Al-Mursi and ibn ‘Ata Illah Al-Iskandari Ibn ‘Ata Illah Al-Iskandari is considered as the third Imam of Shadhiliyah and is a student of Al-Mursi, student of Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili. This misguided Sufi was among opponents to Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyah when he came to Egypt. In the book “Lataif Al-Minan […]

Refutation of Naqshabandi order

The book “Rashahat ‘Ain Al-Hayat” of Ali ibn Husain Safi is a reference book of the Naqshabandi Tariqah and it gathers many sayings of the people of this Tariqah. This book has been translated into English under name “Beads of Dew from the Source of life” by Muhtar Holland and it has been published by […]