Yusuf An-Nabbahani is a famous Shazili Sufi who has authored many books, but we can see dirty and shameful stories in his book “Jami Karamat ul Awliya”.

Beating the servant with the penis

An-Nabbahanni said in “Jami Karamat ul Awliya” (v 2 p 396):

“Our Shaykh Ali Al-‘Umari Ash-Shazili At-Trabulsi, the most famous of Awliya of that time and the one having the most Karamat and Khawariq ul ‘Adat…and among his Karamat, may Allah be pleased with him, is what Al-Haaj Ibrahim mentioned (before) said: I came one day to the Hamam (public bath) with our SHaykh ‘Ali Al-‘Umari and with us there was his Khadim (servant) Muhammad Ad-Dubbusi At-Trabusli, et he is the brother of one the wives of the Shaykh, and there was no other than us in the Hammam. He said: I saw from the Shaykh a Karamat among most amazing Khawariq ‘Adat and most rare, and it is that he became angry on his Khadim, this Muhammad, and desired to punish him, and the Shaykh took his own Ihlil, meaning penis with his both hands below his Izar and it became very long until it exceeded his shoulders and became longer than him, and he started to beat his Khadim mentioned, and the Khadim was shouting because of the intensity of the pain, and he did this many times then left him, and the penis returned to his first size, and I understood that the Khadim indeed did something deserving punishment, and he punished him with this amazing form, and when Haaj Ibrahim narrated this to me, he narrated this in the presence of the Shaykh, and the Shaykh was aware. The Shaykh said to me: Do not trust him but check (before), then he took my hand by force and put it on the place of his penis, and I did not feel anything, as if he was not a man at all…”




Comment: What a shameful story!!! Touching someone with his penis and showing it in public is totally Haram, total nonsense, and this is Shazili Sufism, it makes one loose his intelligence and accept pure falsehood.

Zina with donkeys

An-Nabbahanni said in “Jami Karamat ul Awliya” (v 2 o 515) about the miracles of Waheesh Al-Majzub:

“When he would see the leader of some cities or others, he would come off his she-donkey and say to him (leader): hold it by its head until I do with (ZINA) her and if he (leader) refused, he would remain paralyzed on earth and would not be able to move from one foot, and if he obeyed him, he would face a huge shame because of the people walked nearby watching this.”



Comment: Can Allah give such powers to people who do Zina with donkeys and have power to paralyze tribe leaders? What a lie upon Allah!!!

This is the religion of these Sufis, Allah loves people who do zina with donkeys and gives them powers….Is there more harmful to Islam than these books?

More dirty stories quoted by Dr Salih

Dr Salih wrote p 41-42 at the end of the book “Dispraise of al-Hawaa”:

“The following stories of the Sufi Awliyaa’ are according to Ash-Sha’raanee and (or) An-Nabahaanee:

l-‘Abd Ar-Rahmaan AI-Majthoob, a Shaathili Waliy, cut his penis in his early state
of Jathb (see earlier), and used to sit on sand in the summer and winter. (Kashf, p. 439, from Tabaqaat-K, 2:143, and An-Nabahaanee’s., 1:454)

2-Ibraaheem Al-‘Aryaan (d.930Hj?) used to “Mount the pulpit giving sermons while being naked …He used to fart in the presence of the respected elders of the Sufis, swearing that it was the fart of such and such.”! (Ibid, p. 440, Tabakaat-K, 2:142, and An-Nabahaanee’s .Awm/, 1:412)

3-‘Ali Waheesh one of the Majaatheeb (who experienced the state of Jathb) used to stand in front of a whore house interceding for the male-sinners; he would hold some of them until his intercession is accepted! It is even reported that this man used to engage in shameful acts with donkeys! (377Ibid, pp. 441-442, from Tabaqaat-K, 2:150, and An-Nabahaanee’s Jaami’. 2:515)”

4-Sheikh Muhammad AI-Hadaree used to give many Friday sermons in many places at the same time. One time, and after praising Allaah and magnifying Him, he said, “And I bear witness that there is no Ilaah for you but Iblees, may the Salaat and Salaam be upon him! (lbid, p. 443, from Tabaqaat-K, 2:107. See also An-Nabahaanee’s Jaami”, 1:286)

End of quote from Dr Salih.

Comment: People claim that stories of Zina with donkeys and naked saints doing Khutbah have been added by people in “Tabaqat” of Ash-Sha’rani and Ash-Sha’rani did not say such. If one was to believe this, can he say the same for An-Nabbahani who repeats these stories? So it shows that they consider these shameful actions as miracles of the saints…La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Billah

Thanvi’s love for An-Nabbahani




So for Ashraf Ali Thanvi such people are good Sufis and their works deserve to be translated, yet Thanvi did a summary of it, and he explained in the introduction the reason of doing a summary and it is that some topics were difficult to be understood by laymen, and some stories have already been translated in other books of An-Nabbahani, and some stories give doubt of being against the Sunnah, while the religion of Islam is not difficult to be understood by laymen, rather Thanvi wanted to hide these dirty stories.

Shaykh Shukri Alusi Al-Hanafi, great son of Mahmud Alusi, wrote “Ghayatul Amani” to refute An-Nabbahani and called him misguided, yet for Thanvi these people are reliable Sufi despite these shameful stories, Allahul Musta’an

It shows that whoever follows these misguided Sufis will loose his intelligence and accept pure falsehood.

May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet (saw), his household, companions and those who follow them

Compiled by Ali Hassan Khan