The shocking Sufi book “Al-Insan Al-Kamil” of Abdul Kareem Al-Jili

The quotes and scans are coming from the book “Insan ul Kamil” (The perfect man), published by Darul Kutub Ilmiyah, Tahqiq Asim Ibrahim Al-Kayali Ash-Shazili Ad-Darqawi. Note: This Shazili Darqawi also was the Muhaqiq of the explanation of Al-Jami and An-Nablusi of “Fusus ul Hikam” published by Darul Kutub Ilmiyah, so it shows the […]

Ibn Ajibah on the Sufi secret: I am my worshiped (Ana Ma’budi)

Ahmad ibn ‘Ajibah’s book “Futuhat Ilahiyah” has been translated into English under the name “The Basic Research” by AbdalKhabir Al-Munawwarah and Haj Abdussabur Al-Ustadh, revised and edited by AbdulQadir As-Sufi. These people are all Darqawi Shazilis, and this book is an explanation of a poem of ibn al-Banna of Saragossa The Sufi secret: I am […]