A list of books of Ahl e Hadith Scholars from Indopak in English (with some students at the end:

1) "Time is running out" of Imam Siddiq Hassan Khan (Al-Firdous LTD London, 186p)

2) “The Tarjuman Al-Quran”, 3 vol, by Shaykh Abul Kalam Azad (Kitab Bhavan)

3) "A History of the Ahlul Hadeeth" by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ad-Dehlawee Al-Madanee. 172p

4) “Seerah Al-Bukhari” of Shaykh AbdusSalam Mubarakpuri, published by Jamiyah Salafiyah Banaris India, with notes of Shaykh AbdulAleem AbdulAzeem Bastawi.

5) “Imam Muhammad b AbdulWahab, a slandered reformer” by Shaykh Masud b Alim Al-Nadvi, published by Jamiyah Salafiyah Banaris Hind, 182p with notes of Shaykh Abul Aleem AbdulAzeem Bastawi, introduction Shaykh Muqtada Hasan Azhari.

6) "Taisirur Rahman Le Bayanil Quran" by Dr Luqman Salafi (Dar Al-Daie for publishing and distribution Riyadh, Allamah ibn Baz Islamic studies centre India, 1716p)

7) "Al-'I'tibaa'a" of Shaykh Wasiullah Muhammad Abbaas (Darul Itibaa Publications with Dar-us-Salam NY, 184p)

8) “Mosque Imam as Opinion Leader” by Shaykh Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer (Idarah Tarjuman As-Sunnah)

Pdf: https://ia601500.us.archive.org/33/items/RoleofImam/RoleofImam.pdf

9) “Prophet of Mercy” by Shaykh Shafiq ur-Rehman Shaheen, introduced by Shaykh AbdulRashid Azhar, 208p

10) "HAJJ IN THE LIGHT OF QUR’AAN AND SUNNAH" By Shaikh Mohammed Farrukh Madani, 17p, published by IRGC

11) “Ahl e Hadith in Britain, History, Establishment, Organisation, Activities and Objectives” by Rashad Ahmad Azami, 59 p Taha Publishers.

12) "The Salafis, history of the Ahle Hadees Movement in India" by AQ Naqvi p 239 published by Al-Kitab international.

Pdf: https://ia800806.us.archive.org/8/items/TheSalafis/TheSalafis.pdf

Books of Qadi Muhammad Sulaiman Mansurpuri

13) "The last of the Prophets" by (Darussalam), 77 pages

14) “Mercy unto the worlds” 3 vol, (Feroz and sons, Darul Isha'at)

15) "Our Prophet Muhammad" by Darussalam 56 pages.

Books of Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan Rehmani

16) "The way of the Prophet (saw), a selection of Hadith" (The Islamic Foundation, 237p)

17) "The rights and Duties of Women in Islam" (Darussalam, 32p)

Books of Shaykh Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

18) "Commanders of the Muslim Army" (Darussalam, 392p)

19) "Great women of Islam" (Darussalam, 272p)

Books of Shaykh Badiudin Shah Rashdi

20) "The position of the Hands in the Salah of the Prophet (saw)" (Maktabah Imam Badee'udin, 20p)

21) "The legislated divorce" (48p)

22) "Following Prophet Muhammad's way" (Vision printing, Karachi, 32p)

23) "The legislative position of Qur'aan Khwaanee" (61p)

24) “The distinctive jurisprudence of Ahl al-Hadith” (76 p, Salafi Research Institute)

Books of Shaykh SafiurRahman Mubarakpuri

25) "The Sealed Nectar" (Darussalam, 655p)

26) "When the moon split" (Darussalam, 320p)

27) "In reply to the Mischief of denial of Hadith" (Maktabah Qudusiah Lahore, 136p)

Books revised by Shaykh SafiurRahman Mubarakpuri

28) Tafsir ibn Kathir (Abridged) 10 vol, (Darussalam)

29) "History of Makkah" (Darussalam, 176p)

30) "History of Madinah Munawwarah" (Darussalam, 152p)

31) "History of Islam" by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi (Darussalam, 3 vol)

Books of Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer

32) "The reality of Bareilwi'ism" edited and adapted from work of Shaykh Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (Orthodox press, 192p)

33) "The Shiites and the Sunna" (Idara Tarjuman Al-Sunnah, 280p)

34) "Qadiyanat, an analytical survey" (Idara Tarjuman Al-Sunnah, 307p)

Books of Dr Suhaib Hasan AbdulGhaffar

35) "A course book on Islam, vol1" (Al-Quran Society, 274p)

36) "An introduction to the science of Hadith" (Darussalam, 64p)

37) "An Introduction to the Quran" (Al-Quran Society, 27p)

38) "An Introduction to the Sunnah"(Al-Quran Society, 24p)

39) "The journey of the soul" (Al-Quran Society, 51p)

40) "Why do we pray?" (Darussalam, 39p)

41) "The Muslim Creed" (Darusalam, 24p)

42) "Faith in Predestionation" (Darussalam, 16p)

43) "The Role of the Mosque in Islam" (Darussalam, 40p)

44) "Criticism of Hadith among Muslims with reference to Sunan Ibn Maja" (Ta Ha and Al Qurʼan Society, 254p, out of print)

45) “Raising children in Islam” (Al-Quran Society, 72 pages, out of print)

46) "The Truth about Ahmadiyat", (Al-Quran Society, 17p, out of print)

47) “The concept of the Mahdi among Ahl As-Sunnah” (PHD, 279p, unpublished)

Books of Dr Fadl Ilahi Zaheer

48) "The responsibility of Muslim women to order Good and Forbid Evil" (Invitation to Islam, 160p)

49) "Kindness and Gentleness" (Invitation to Islam, 128p)

50) “Love for the Noble Prophet and its signs” (Dar-un-Noor, Islamabad, 80p)

51) “Usamah’s military expedition” (Dar-un-Noor, Islamabad, about companion Usamah ibn Zayd, 117p)

52) “The noble status of a daughter in Islam” (Dar-un-Noor, Islamabad, 105p)

53) “The reality of doubts concerning Commanding the Good and Forbidding the Evil” (Dar-un-Noor, Islamabad, 60p)

Books of Shaykh Mahmood Ahmed Mirpuri

54) "Islamic verdicts (Fatawa Sirat e Mustaqeem) translated by Shaykh Mohammed Abdul Hadi Al-Oomeri (Darussalam, 317p)

55) "Every innovation is misguidance" (Salafi Research Institute, 88p)

Books of Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Sialkoti

56) “The way of Prophet Muhammad (saw) (Sabeel e Rasool)” (Darussalam, 256p)

57) “The Prophet’s way of Worship” (Adam publishers, 153p, summary done by Jamiyah Salafiyah Banaris of “Salat e Rasool (saw)) introduced by Shaykh Muqtada Hasan Azhari)

Books of Shaykh Ozair Shams

58) "Allamah Shams Al-Haq Azimabadi, life and work" (printed by Amazon, 175p)

59) "The Fatwa regarding the Gawth, Qutb, Abdal and Awtad" of Shaykhul Islam ibn taymiyah, with introduction and notes of Shaykh Muhammad Ozair Shams (Umm-Ul-Qura Publications, 208p)

Books of Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf

60) "Tafsir Ahsan Al-Bayan" (Darussalam, 5 vol)

61) "Riyad us Saliheen" of Imam Nawawi with explanation of Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf (Darussalam, 2 vol)

62) "Ramadan Rules and Related Issues", Darussalam, 32p

63) “Ramadan : Excellent Merits and Virtuous Deeds” Darussalam, 31p

Books with Tahqiq of Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai

64) "Sunan ibn Majah" Tahqiq of Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai (Darussalam, 5 vol)

65) "Sunan Abu Dawud" Tahqiq of Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai (Darussalam, 5 vol)

66) "Jami Al-Tirmidhi" Tahqiq of Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai (Darussalam, 5 vol)

67) "Sunan An-Nasai" Tahqiq of Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai (Darussalam, 5 vol)

Books of Dr Shabbir Usmani

68) "Rulings of Witr prayer" (72p, Darussalam)

69) "Giyaarvien, Should we practice it" by Dr Muhammad Shabbir Usmani and Mr Abdool Baree Esoof 112p)

70-94) Books of Shaykh Iqbal Kailani

Books from series "Tafheem As-Sunnah" of Shaykh Muhammad Iqbal Kailani (Hadith Publication, Bait-us-Salam Riyad)

Book #1: The Book of Oneness of Allah – Pages: 206
#2: The Book of Following the Prophet's Path – P. 128
#3: The Book of Cleanliness – P. 112
#4: The Book of Prayer – P. 208
#5: The Book of Funeral – P. 144
#6: The Book on Salaat Ala-Nabiyye – P. 63
#7: The Book of Supplication – P. 192
#8: The Book of Zakat – P. 112
#9: The Book of Fasting – P. 96
#10: The Book of Hajj and Umrah – P. 272

#11: The Book of Jehad P 215
#12: The Book of Wedding (Nikah) – P. 223
#13: The Book of Divorce – P. 120
#14: The Book of Paradise – P. 247

#15: The Book on the Fire. P 206
#16: The Book of Intercession – P. 104
#17: The Book on Details of Grave – P. 159
#18: The Book on Signs of Resurrection – P. 232
#19: The Book on Resurrection. P 259

#20: The Book on Friendship and Enmity P 199

#21: The Book on Excellence of the Holy Quran P 256

#22: The Book on Teachings of the Holy Quran – P. 264

#23: The Book on Excellence of the Mercy to the Worlds. P 280

#24: The Book on Rights of the Mercy for the World. P 200

#25: The Book on Mosque P 144

Books of Shaykh Abdul Malik Mujahid, published by Darussalam

95) “Golden Rays of Prophethood” (415p)

96)) "Golden Morals, A Collection of Stories from the Seerah" (312p)

97) "Golden words" (297p)

98) "Golden Stories of Abu Bakr" (276p)

99) "Golden Stories of Umar" (417p)

100) "Golden Stories of Sayidah Khadijah" (191p)

101) "Golden Stories of Muslim women" (349p)

102) "Golden Stories of accepted prayers" (287p)

103) “Golden Supplications” (205p)

104) “Golden Seerah for the young generation” (480p)

105) “220 Golden Hadiths from the Messenger (saw)” (128p)

106) “Gems and Jewels, Wise Sayings, Interesting Events & Moral” (319p)

107) “The Battle of Qadisiyah” (111p)

108) Loving our Parents: Stories of Duties & Obligations” (p 299p)

109) “A Day in the Life of a Muslim Child” (64P)

110) "Golden Supplications for Children" 48p

Books of Shaykh Mohammad Abdul Karim Saqib

111) "A guide to the prayer" (Taha publishers, 80p)

112) “A guide to the celebration of Eid”(AbulQasim Publishing House, 35p)

Books of Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori

113) "100 Famous Weak Ahadith" (FiqhulHadith publication, 63p)

114) "200 Famous Weak Ahadith" (FiqhulHadith Publication, 64p)

Books of Khola Hasan

115) “The crumbling minarets of Spain” (Taha publishers, 32p)

116) “The Medical and social costs of Cousin Marriages within the British Mirpuri Community” (Albatross, 60p)

117) "The many shades of Shirk" by FadlurRahman Kalim Kashmiri, translated Khola Hasan, supervised by Dr Suhaib Hasan (Darussalam, 64p)

Books of At-Tawheed Foundation

118) "Let us correct our Islamic Faith" by Shaukat Iqbal, introduced by Shaykh Abdul Hadi Umri and Shaykh Shabbir Usmani (At-Tawheed Foundation, 172 p)

119) "Evidences for raising hands before and after the Rukoo in the prayer" by Shaukat Iqbal, reviewed by Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf and Shaykh Mubashar Ahmad Rabbani, followed by chapter on the same subject by Shaykh Zubair Ali Zai (At-Tawheed Foundation, 44p)

120) “The Golden actions, those actions which are equivalent in reward to performing Tahajud, Siyam, Hajj, Umrah or Jihad” by Shaykh Yahya A’rifi (At-Tawheed Foundation, 56p)

Books on critic of Sufism of Deobandi Elders:

121) "The Barailwes and Deobandees are the same" by Shaykh Sayyid Taalib ur Rehmaan (Maktabah Imaam Badee ud Deen, 20p)

122) "Advice to those who participate in Dawah along with the Tableeghi Jamaat" by Sajid A.Kayum (Qsep, Sunnah Bookstore)

123) "The Jamaat Tableegh and the Deobandis" by Sajid A. Kayum (Qsep)

124) "A critical Analysis of the Sufi Creed of the Elders of Deoband and Tablighi Jamat" based on "Deobandiyah" of Sh Talib Ar-Rahman and other books of sh Daerwi and others (Umm-ul-Qura Publication, 256p)

Seerah Encyclopaedia by Darussalam

125) The Hidden Pearls Seerah Encyclopedia, vol 1, 640 p, Darussalam, preapared by different researchers and reviewed by Shaykh Irshadul Haq Athari and Shaykh Muhammad Yahya Jalalpuri who also has 145 p introduction to the first vol.

The other volumes of Seerah Encyclopaedia are being translated into English.


Note: The books of Dr Suhaib Hasan, his daughter Khola Hasan, Shaykh Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer, Shaykh AbdulKareem Saqib, Rashad Ahmed Madani, Shaukat Iqbal and last 3 against Deobandis are originally written in English, all others are translations of Arabic or Urdu works.


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