The book “Diwan e Muhammadi” of the Brawli Peer Muhammad Yar Faridi

A Deobandi wrote a letter to the Bralwi scholar Ahmad Sa’id Shah Kazimi, one of the main students of Ahmad Raza Khan Bralwi and great scholar of the Brawli sect, quoting this poem of Muhammad Yar Faridi in his book “Diwan Muhammadi”

If Muhammad (Yar Faridi) believes Muhammad (saw) to be God
Then consider him to be Muslim and not a fraudster

And Ahmad Shah Kazimi answered to him, and his answer has been put in the introduction of the book “Diwan e Muhammadi”:

”The poem of Hazrat Qiblah Khawajah Muhammad Yar Sahib that you wrote, these kinds of quotations (that can also be found a lot in agree upon books by both parties (Deobandiyah and Bralwiyah)) is based on the topic of Wahdatul Wujud (unity of existence) which summary is that if we stop looking at the distinctions (Ta’ayunat) there is no Wujud Haqiqi (real existence) meaning ma bihi Majwudiyat except Haqq (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). And this is for everything, if distinctions disappear, there will be nothing except Haqiqat Haqqah (the reality of Allah), and there is no particularity in this between Prophets and other than Prophets until even Hazrat Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (saw) has not particularity in this, but common creatures are defective manifestations (Mazahir Naqisah) and noble Awliyah are perfect manifestations, and Prophets, may Salah and Salam be upon them, are better manifestations, and the most perfect and best manifestation is proven and established fort Huzur the leader of the universe (saw).

Look at the topic of the poem of Khawajah Muhmmad Yar Sahib and the words of Hazrat Shaykh Akbar Muhydeen ibn ‘Arabi (rad). In “Futuhat Makkiyah” v 2 p 167: “…When you will find Muhmmad, you will not see Muhammad but you will find Allah in Surah Muhammadiyah and you will see Him in the vision of Muhammad” …

Nowadays Deobandis deny Wahdatul Wujud (unit of existence) while the Hazraat they declare to be their Mashaykh (leaders), they were Mutashadid (strict) and Harees (desirous) in this topic. Look at what Anwar Shah Sahib Kashmiri wrote in his “Faydh ul-Bari” v 4 p 428 refuting the meaning told by Deobandiyah:

“I say : this (interpolation) is turning away from the rights of words because His saying “I will be his hearing” that is on the Sighah of Mutakallim (meaning first person of singular) shows that there remains for the one who gets close with Nawafil only his body and form AND THE ONE WHE CONTROLS IT IS THE HOLY PRESENCE (AL HADHRAH AL ILAHIYAH) and I consider that is what the Sufiyah mean by Fana fi Allah (Ta’ala), meaning the emptiness of thoughts of soul until there is no one who controls it except HIM, and there is in this Hadith a glimpse at Wahdatul Wujud and our Shuyukh until the time of Shah Abul ’Aziz were involved in this topic, but I am not Mutashadid (strict) in it” end of Kashmiri’s words and also that of Kazimi.

So Ahmad Shah Kazimi agreed with this clear Kufr, and justified it by the words of ibn ‘Arabi who is famous for praising Pharaoh, calf worshipers and idol worshipers of Nuh’s people, as one can read in his “Fusus ul Hikam”

Below are some other poems of this book “Diwan Muhammadi” of Muhammad Yar Faridi, and one can see the extent of this clear Kufr, and that there is no Kufr greater on earth than this.

P 130:  Hayu wa Qayum is our Mustafa (saw)

P 133:  The Surah of pure God is that of my Muhammad

P 136:  Surah Rahman is the picture of my Peer
”‘Allama Al Quran” is the speech of my Peer

Rajim Shaytan is the picture of my Peer

P 147:  The one we say to be God is known as Mustafa
The one we say to be slave is known as God

P 151: Muhammad Mustafa in the Mashar will come becoming Taha
He will take out the veil of Meem (meaning Ahmad will become Ahad)

The one told to be slave will come saying “Qul huwa Allahu”
The one singing the flute of “I am His slave”
Will come out on God’s throne saying “I am Allah”
He wore the cloth of humans so people thought him to be human

P 154:  There is no difference between Ahmad and Ahad O Muhammad

P 156:  If Muhammad (Yar Faridi) believes Muhammad (saw) to be God
Then consider him to be Muslim and not a fraudster.

So anyone can see the pure Kufr of the Brawli sect and in fact they worship their Sufi leaders, sacrifice animals for them, ask them for children and health, prostrate to them, and do others acts of worship because they believe that their leaders are manifestations of Allah. Christians have been declared disbelievers for saying that ‘Isa (aley salam) was Allah, yet these people clearly say that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is Allah, and they deceive laymen and present themselves as lovers of the Prophet (saw) and people of Tasawwuf, while behind the curtain one can see their clear Ilhad (heresy) and great fraud.

May Allah protect us from this clear Kufr

“Fawaid Fareediyah” of Khawajah Ghulam Farweedi

“Fawaid Fareediyah” is the book of the great Brelwi saint and scholar Khwajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi. This book contains many fairy tales exposing the creed of Barwlwis, and also many statements reviling Allah and His Messenger (saw), showing the Brelwis’ belief in Wahdatul Wujud (unity of existence).

P 28, it is written about the Sufi Shaykh, called Peer in Urdu:

“He will be the cause of his release in the grave…The Peer is the king of Kawn wa Makan (creation and place). He is the leader of giving and taking “Kun fakana” (saying be and it is).

On p 60, it is written:

“Coming in the grave: Know that the Shaykh upon which hand you have put yours, after death, he will come to the graves and answer the questions of the Angels of behalf of his Muridin (followers), and he saves them. Thus it is necessary for each person to take a complete Shaykh, so he that he intercedes for him.”

Comment: The Sufi Shaykh coming in the grave and answering the questions of the Angels is not mentioned in any Hadith, sayings of the Companions or Imams. Establishing such amounts to establishing a new religion. Also these Peers to increase their Sufi business are eager to invent these new maters, to make sure they have more and more followers.

Khwajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi on p 65-66 explained Wahdatul Wujud:

“Know that for the school of though of the Sufis is that Haqq (Allah) (Jala Shaanuhu) is absolutely one essence…and this essence and existence is not limited in numbers and forms. He is flowing in all existing objects (Mawjudaat), until no drops and no essence is empty from this essence. Thus it is known that all existing objects (Mawjudaat) from the perspective of the existence are identical to the essence of Allah (Ta’ala) and from the perspective of distinction, they are different. But this difference is only conceptual, and in reality all is Him and in all forms like electricity is identical to water, and in aspect and form, it is not different from it.”

Then Khawajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi quoted many sayings of Sufis on Wahdatul Wujud. One should know that many of these quotes are falsely attributed to the mentioned Sufis, as these people did not mention such in their books and there is no authentic Isnad relating this from them. Yet, Khawajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi is exposed by believing in such quotes. Also in some cases like ibn ‘Arabi and Al-Hallaj, such statements are found in their books.

He wrote on p 72: “All the evil matters they know of, they will consider them permissible in My Haqq (Allah)

Comment: This is the clear Madhab of ibn ‘Arabi and others, that Allah is described by all characteristics of creation, good and evil.

P 72: “Imam Ja’far Sadiq said: “I have read the Quran so frequently that I consider the Quran to be my speech.”

P 72: “It is reported that someone asked Imam Ja’far Sadiq: why are you so proud (Mutakabbir)?” He replied: “Because my pride and conceit have vanished, and in its place, Haqq’s pride came.”

Comment: For the people of Wahdatul Wujud, the saints have attributes of Allah in them.

P 72: “Fudhayl ibn ‘Iyad said: “I am the ‘Arsh (throne), Kursi, Lawh (tablets) and Qalam (pen). I am Jibril, Mika’il, Israfil and ‘Izra’il. I am Musa, ‘Isa and Muhammad (saw).” He also said: “You are in such a sainthood (Wilayat) where there is no ordering of good and forbidding of evil (Amr bil Ma’ruf and Nahi ‘anil Munkar)

Comment: For these people, there is no good and evil and all existences are the same.

P 72: “Ma’ruf Al-Karkhi said: “There is none in existence (Wujud) except Allah.”

P 73: “Ba Yazid Al-Bastami said: “Glory to me, how elevated is my status (Subhani ma A’zama Shani)”. He also said: “There is no Ilah except me so worship me (La ilaha ila Ana Fa’budni).” He also said: “I am the Preserved Tablets (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz)”…It was mentioned that Ba Yazeed Al-Bastami heard the Muazin saying: “Allah Akbar (Allah is the greatest)” and he said: “I am the greatest in Uluhiyah (right of being worshiped).” Someone knocked at the door of Ba Yazeed and asked: “O Aba Yazeed, are you present in the house?” He replied: “There is none except Allah in the house.” It was said to Ba Yazeed that on the day of resurrection, all the people will be under the banner of Muhammad Mustafa (saw), and Ba Yazeed replied: “My banner is greater than the banner of Muhammad Mustafa (saw).”

Comment: What a great revilement of Allah and the Prophet (saw) by those who claim to love the Prophet (saw)!!!

P 73: “Abu Hafs Al-Haddad said: “When I recognised Al-Haqq (Jalla ShaanuHu), there was no truth and falsehood (Haqq wa Batil) in my heart.”

Comment: Indeed there is no Halal and Haram for Wujudi people.

P 73-74, it is attributed to Suhayl ibn ‘Abdillah At-Tustari: “The mention (zikr) that is done on the tongue is rubbish (Bakwas). The mention done in the heart is Waswas (evil whisper)”. He also said: “The Sufi is the one whose blood is Halal (permissible, meaning he should be killed according to the Shari’ah) and one whose property is Mubah (permissible).”

Comment: For these people, remembering Allah is rubbish and evil whisper, as for them Allah is none other than the creation, so the one who remembers Allah affirms duality. Allahul Musta’’an!!!

P 74: “Hamzah Al-Khurasani heard the voice of a sheep and he replied: “Labayka Jalla ShaanuHu (I am present, may His status be elevated)” and he went into ecstasy.”

Comment: For them Allah is the essence of all creatures, so the sheep speaking is none other than Allah. La Hawla wala Quwwata ila Billah!!!

P 75: “Junayd said: “People like me, there is none in them except Allah.”

P 75: “One day, Shibli said in front of Al-Junayd: “Allah” and Junayd said: “O Shibli, backbiting (ghibah) is Haram.”

Comment: How can mentioning the name of Allah be backbiting?

P 75: “Ruwaym said: “Tawheed means to be further from humanhood and establishing Uluhiyah on yourself.” Someone asked Ruwaym: “What is Tawbah (repentance)?” he replied: “One should repent from repenting (do Tawbah from Tawbah).”

Comment: Tawheed does not mean denying humanhood and establishing Uluhiyah for humans. This is the Tawheed of these heretics.

P 76: “Abu Bakr Al-Wasiti said: “Whoever does His mention (Zikr), he has done calumny against Him…Whoever thanked Him, he has overburdened himself.” He also said: “None is a danger and none is a non-danger. None is fortuned and none is non fortuned.” And he also said: “I am the son of the Ancient and Eternal.”

Comment: Remembering Allah is calumny against Him as for these people it means duality, that one establishes two essences, the essence of Allah and the essence of creation, and this is a calumny for them. Likewise, there is no benefit of thanking Allah when for them He is the essence of the creation. Allahul Musta’’an!!!

P 76: “Abul ‘Abbas ‘Ata said: “The sign of the reality of Tawhid is to make Tawhid forgotten.”

P 76: “Husayn ibn Mansur Al-Hallaj said: “I am the Truth (Allah)” and he also said: “The Gnostic (‘Arif) does not accept belief, so that he does not become a Kafir.

Note: The Kafir for the people of Wahdatul Wujud is the one who restricts his belief to one creed and rejects others. So accepting Islam means rejecting worship of idols, human beings and all things besides Allah and it means believing that Allah is not in the creation but above it, and this is Kufr for Wujudis.

P 76: “One day Husayn (Al-Hallaj) knocked at the door of Junayd and Junayd asked him: “Who is it?” and Husayn said: “I am the Truth (Allah).” It is said that a person said to him: “O Husayn ibn Mansur, you are claiming to be a Messenger” Husayn replied: “Regrets on you, you have diminished my status. I am claiming to be Allah, and you say I claim to be a Messenger.”

Comment: Al-Hallaj authored his book “Tawassin” in which he wrote that he was Al-Haqq (Allah) and that he would not recant, and Iblis and Pharaoh are his masters and role models, as they did not recant. So none can say that he was intoxicated, as someone intoxicated cannot write a book.

P 77: “One day Shibli was giving a sermon on Wahdatul Wujud. Junayd came and said: “O Shibli do not make it open”, and Shibli replied: “I am saying and I am listening. There is none in the two worlds (this world and the hereafter) other than me.

Comment: So Khawajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi has clarified that Shibli was explaining the creed of Wahdtul Wujud, and this creed should be kept secret for Sufis and not be told to laymen. So he does not believe these statements to come out of intoxication, rather they are explanation of the creed of Wahdatul Wujud.

P 77: “Abu Bakr Al-Armawi said: “The angels are the guardians of the heavens, the scholars are the guardians of the religion and the Awliya are the guardians of Allah”

Comment: This is another clear revilement of Allah. Does Allah need guardians? La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Billah!!!

P 77: “Abul ‘Abbas Sayari said: “The reality of cognisance is to come out of cognisance.”

Comment: For Wujudis, one should come out of Islam to become a Gnostic and embrace all other religions and creeds. Allahul Musta’an

P 78: Abul ‘Abbas Nafrabadi said: “In Ishq (intense love), the lover asking for forgiveness from the beloved causes a reduction in Ishq (intense love).”

Comment: In Islam, asking for forgiveness is recommended and it does not diminishes love of Allah but in Wujudi religion, this causes a reduction in love.

P 78, it is attributed to Abul Hasan Khidri: “The sun does not rise without my permission.

Comment: For Wujudis, saints are actually Allah, so they have total control of universe.

P 78: “It was asked to Ja’far Al-Maliki: “What is Tasawwuf?” He replied: “Considering Ghaflah (heedlessness) as the existence of Allah”

P 78: “Abu ‘Abdillah Sihi said: “The pious person always remains close to Shirk.”

Comment: Muslims are told to stay far away from Shirk but for Wujudis, the pious person is the one who stays close to Shirk. Allahul Musta’’an!!!

P 78: “Mudhafar Karmanshahi said: “The Faqeer is the one who is not even Muhtaj (dependent, in need of) of Allah.”

Comment: Allah said: “O mankind! It is you who stand in need of Allah (Antum al Fuqara ila Allah), but Allah is rich (Free of all wants and needs), worthy of all praise.” (Fatir 35 : 15)

But for these Wujudi people, as they believe that the Faqeer and Allah are one, so how can the Faqeer be in need of someone else?

P 78: “Abul Hasan Al-Kharqani said: “This morning, Allah wrestle with me and he defeated me.”…He also said: “I am 2 years younger than my Lord.”

Comment: What Kufr is greater than this? How can anyone tolerate such insults on Allah?

P 79: ‘Ali Hujweiri Al-Lahori said: “The Faqeer for me is the one who has no heart and no Lord

Comment: What a Kufriyah statement? And this shows that Khawajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi is clear heretic.

P 79-80: “Ahmad Nafi’i Jami Zindafeel said in his poem: “I am the essence of Allah Zul Jalal…I am the essence of Allah but behind a veil…If today I remove the veil from me, I will make the universe to love me…If I mention one point about “Qaba Qawsayn” (a distance of only two bow lengths) I could make you to become Mustafa today…”

Comment: One can see the reality of the Brelwi sect, they accuse Ahlul Hadith of being revilers of Prophets, but they are the greatest of revilers as they claim that if they wish, they can make whoever they want to become Muhammad (saw). La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Billah!!!

P 80: “Ahmad Ghazali said: “The Sunnah means becoming a Messenger and Fardh (obligatory action) means to become Allah.” It is also said that he would make his Niyyah (intention) of praying by saying: “I am becoming a Kafir, I have committed Zina. Allah Akbar

Comment: For Wujudis, praying means affirming duality, two essences, and this is Kufr in their religion and a great sin.

P 80: “Barakah Hamdani said: “Whoever recognises Allah, he does not call him Allah.” And he also said: “By seeing the light of Muhammad Mustafa (saw), all people of Eman (faith) became Kafir (disbelievers), none of them was aware of such (meaning of them becoming Kafir)

Comment: For Wujudis, following the Prophet (saw) and accepting Islam is Kufr as it means rejecting other beliefs, rejecting worship of other than Allah and believing Allah to be above the throne and not everywhere.

P 80-81: “’AbdulQadir Al-Jilani said: “Whoever after having reached Allah has the intention to worship (Him), he has done Shirk with Allah

Comment: Of course, such sayings are not found in books of Shaykh AbdulQadir Al-Jilani, but its shows the reality of these Wujudis, and for them worshiping Allah means affirming duality, two essences, and this is Shirk for them.

P 81: “Razeen Baqali said: “Who are you afraid of, as there is none other than you?”

Comment: For Wujudis, one should not fear Allah, as Allah is one with the creation, Allahul Musta’aan!!!

P 81, Khawajah Ghulam Al-Fareedi quotes that ibn ‘Arabi said: “The Christians were misguided because they restricted Allah (Ta’ala) in three, had they believed Him to be everywhere, then would not have been misguided.”

P 82, he also quoted ibn ‘Arabi saying: “There is no Adam in this world, nor any Shaytan. There is no kingdom of Sulayman, nor any Balqees. All of these are expressions.

P 82: “Sa’dudin Hamari said: “The power of Allah comes from the power of my back. The Kawn wa Makan (creation and places) and everything that is in this world is in the power of my fingers.” He also said: “The real Muwahhid (monotheist) and the real Mushrik (polytheist) is Allah (Jalla ShaanuHu)

Comment: Astaghfirullah…Thuma Astaghfirullah…May Allah protect us from scuh Kufr, insulting Allah by saying He is the real Mushrik!!! Are there greater revilers than the Wujudis?

P 82: it is attributed to Najmudin Ar-Razi: “Gnostics (‘Arif) are neither in paradise nor in hell.”

P 83: “Someone came to Khawajah Mu’inudin Chisti and said that he wanted to become his Murid (student). He said: “Say: la ilaha ila Allah, Chisti rasoolullah (none has the right to be worshiped except Allah and Chisti is the messenger of Allah)”

P 92: “It is aid that Shaykh Husayn Punjabi was asked: “Who are you?” and he replied: “I am neither a settler (Muqim) nor a traveller (Musafir). I am neither a Muslim nor a Kafir.”

May Allah protect us from such Kufr and Shirk!

May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet (saw), his family and companions!

Note: Some people say Sufis say such out of intoxication but one cannot write poems and books out of intoxication.

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