The Barailwis and Wahdatul Wujud

The book “Diwan e Muhammadi” of the Brawli Peer Muhammad Yar Faridi A Deobandi wrote a letter to the Bralwi scholar Ahmad Sa’id Shah Kazimi, one of the main students of Ahmad Raza Khan Bralwi and great scholar of the Brawli sect, quoting this poem of Muhammad Yar Faridi in his book “Diwan Muhammadi” […]

Some great Hanafi scholars refuting grave worship

Here are some Hanafi Fatawa gathered from the book of Dawud Arshad in Urdu “Din al Haqq”, the book “Islam or Qabron ke Urs” of Shaykh Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani and others. The origin of Idol worship is to take graves of saints as places or worship Ibn ‘Abidin said concerning the reason of forbidding the […]

A Gift for the Brawliyah — Ali Hassan Khan

Book Name: “A Gift for the Brawliyah” Author: Ali Hassan Khan Pages: 67 Description: I have compiled this small booklet in order to show to Bralwis laymen that the great scholars of this community oppose the creed of Ahmad Raza Khan. But as Brawlis scholars have put hatred in the hearts of their followers towards […]