English Translations of books of Ahl e Hadith scholars of Indopak

A list of books of Ahl e Hadith Scholars from Indopak in English (with some students at the end: 1) "Time is running out" of Imam Siddiq Hassan Khan (Al-Firdous LTD London, 186p) 2) “The Tarjuman Al-Quran”, 3 vol, by Shaykh Abul Kalam Azad (Kitab Bhavan) 3) "A History of the Ahlul Hadeeth" by Shaykh […]

English translated books of Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah

Books of Shaykh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyah translated into English Aqidah/refutation of sects. 1) Friends of Allah & the Friends of Shaytan, 384p, published by Daar Us-Sunnah 2) 3 English explanations of Al-Wasitiyah 2.1) The Creed of Al-Wasitiyyah, with notes of Ibn Taymiyah from other books, 176p, compiled by Abu Rumaysah, published by Daar Sunnah. 2.2) […]

Did Imam Ahmad allow Tabarruk with the Prophetic grave (saw)? Dr Alawi Saqqaf.

What has been quoted from Imam Malik, Ash-Shafi’I, Ahmad and agreement of Salaf on this: Shaykh Khalil Al-Maliki (776) wrote "At-Tawdih fi Sharh Mukhtasar ibn Al-Hajib" (2/101): "Ibn Wahb narrates in Al-Mukhtasar: Malik was asked: Where should the one who intends sending Salam (at the grave) stand? and he replied: "From the corner close to […]

Boycotting the innovator is only legislated when Maslahah (Benefit)

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in his Majmoo v 28 p 212: "So when there is not in his boycott deterring for anyone or ceasing for anyone, rather it leads to cancelling many of the good things prescribed, then boycotting him is not ordered, as mentioned by Ahmad to the people of Khurasan when they […]

Strange Fatawa in Hanafi books of Fiqh

These extracts are taken from “Sayf Muhammadi” of Shaykh Junagri, “Haqiqatu Fiqh” of Shaykh Jepuri, “Zafar Al-Mubin fi Rad Aghlat Muqalidin” of Abul Hasan As-Silakoti, student of Imam Nadheer Husayn Ad-Dehlawi. Ghulu (exaggeration) about Hanafi Fiqh “The book “Durul Mukhtar” was written by the Prophet’s tongue” (Muqadimah Durul Mukhtar) “In a dream the Prophet saw […]