Did Imam Ahmad allow Tabarruk with the Prophetic grave (saw)? Dr Alawi Saqqaf.

What has been quoted from Imam Malik, Ash-Shafi’I, Ahmad and agreement of Salaf on this: Shaykh Khalil Al-Maliki (776) wrote "At-Tawdih fi Sharh Mukhtasar ibn Al-Hajib" (2/101): "Ibn Wahb narrates in Al-Mukhtasar: Malik was asked: Where should the one who intends sending Salam (at the grave) stand? and he replied: "From the corner close to […]

Bio of Allamah Muhammad Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti

Biography of Allamah Muhammad Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti (1291-1375) (1874-1956) Birth and Studies Shaykh Ibrahim was born in 1291/1874 in Sialkot, his father’s name was Seth Qadir Bakhsh. He studied the Quran at home and passed Matric exams in 1895 in Mission High school Gandam Mandi Sialkot. After doing Matric he was admitted in Murree College […]

Boycotting the innovator is only legislated when Maslahah (Benefit)

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in his Majmoo v 28 p 212: "So when there is not in his boycott deterring for anyone or ceasing for anyone, rather it leads to cancelling many of the good things prescribed, then boycotting him is not ordered, as mentioned by Ahmad to the people of Khurasan when they […]

Biography of Shaykh Ridhaullah Mubarakpuri

Biography of Shaykh Ridhaullah Mubarakpuri (1952-2003) Birth and family Shaykh Ridhaullah was born in the province A'zamGhar in the village of Mubarakpur in 1952. His father Haji Muhammad Idrees Jarah was not a scholar but a medical doctor and Hajji Muhammad Idrees Jarah's father Hakeem Muhammad Shafee' was the older brother of Allamah AbdurRahman Mubarakpuri, […]

Biography of Dr Abdul ‘Aleem Abdul ‘Azeem Al-Bastawi.

Biography of Dr Abdul 'Aleem Abdul 'Azeem Al-Bastawi. Dr Abdul 'Aleem Al-Bastawi's father, Shaykh Abdul 'Azeem Bastawi was a famous Ahl e Hadith scholar, student of Shaykh Abdul Wahab Dehlawi. Shaykh Abdul 'Azeem Bazdawi's four sons all became scholars: The eldest Shaykh Abdul Wadood and Shaykh AbdusSaboor both studied in Dar Al-Hadith Rehmaniyah Dehli The […]

The Lakhvi family

Biography of Hafiz Muhammad ibn Barakallah Lakhwi (1806-1893) Sayid Mian Nazeer Husayn Dehlawi: “The noble complete cognisant pious, gathering the rational and transmitted knowledge, following the example of prophets, the elite of the jurists, the Molvi (scholar) Muhammad, the truthful successor of the Molvi Barakallah Lakhwi” Shamsul Haq Azeenbadi: “The complete scholar, the pious son […]