Biography of Shaykh Habeeb Ur Rahman Yazdani Shaheed (insha Allah)

A brief presentation of his grand father Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah

His grand father Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah ibn Molana Ameerullah was a great scholar and preacher. He studied from his father Molana Ameerullah and then from Shaykh Jalaludin Sialkoti. Shaykh Jalaludin Sialkoti was a student of Shaykh Sayid AbulJabbar Ghaznawi and Shaykh Al-Kull Mian Nazeer Husayn Dehlwi.

Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah was linked to the Tahreek Mujahideen of Sayid Ahmad Shaheed (insha Allah) and Shah Isma’eel Dehlwi Shaheed (insha Allah). He was also very close to Shaykh AbdulWaahid Ghaznawi. Shaykh AbdulWaahid Ghaznawi said: “I am more knowledgeable but Hafiz Abdullah is ahead of me in action”

When Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah passed away, his teacher Shaykh Jalaludin Sialkoti prayed his Janazah and recited afterwards the verse after: “And for similar to this those acting should act (Fa bi Mithli haza fal Ya’mal Al-Aamilun) pointing to Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah.

He was buried in Hanjawali in the suburb of GujranbWalah. 2 of his sons became reputed scholars: Hafiz AbdulGhafoor and Shaykh AbdulHaleem Siddiqi.

A brief presentation of Hafiz AbdulGhafiir and Shaykh AbdulHaleem Siddiqi

Hafiz AbdulGhafoor was born in 1904. He memorised the Qur’an at the age of 9. He learnt from his father Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah, and he studied afterwards from Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Deobandi, Shaykh Muhammad Deen Sialkoti, Shaykh Noor Muhammad of Patiala and Dost Muhammad Khan. Afterwards he joined Madrasah Ghaznawiyah and studied from Shaykh Abu Ishaq Naik Muhammad and Shaykh AbdulWaahid Ghaznawi.

He completed his studies at the age of 22 and started to teach, which he carried on all his life, he was a reputed scholar and teacher who taught more than half a century. He was part of the Majlis Shura and Majlis Aamilah of Markazi Jamiat Ahl e Hadith Maghrabi Pakistan. He passed away on the 2nd February 1975 in Hanjawali.

Shaykh AbdulHaleem Siddiqi first learnt from his father Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah, and afterwards joined Madrasah Ghaznawiyah Amritsar where he benefited from Shaykh Abu Ishaq Naik Muhammad. In 1938 he moved to the village Sakhanah Bajwah in the suburb of Gujranwala where he resided his full life. Shaykh AbdulHaleem Siddiqi was a reputed scholar and a brilliant orator. He passed away on the 7th September 1965 and was buried according to his Wasiyah in Hanjawali next to his father Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah.

Biography of Shaykh Habib ur Rahman Yazdani

Shaykh Habib ur Rahman ibn AbdulHaleem Siddiqi was a reputed Ahl e Hadith scholar. He was born in June 1947 in Pul Shahidwala in the suburb of GujranWalah. He studied at Jamiah Muhammadiah GujranWalah. Afterwards he studied at Jamiah Salafiyah Faisalabad, Madrasah Zia Al-Quran Mandi Chistian, Madrasah Nusratul Haq Nisbat Rd Lahore and Daar Al-Uloom Taqwiyatul Islam Lahore.

We count among his teachers: Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq Husainwi, Shaykh Abdullah (Gujranwalah), Shaykh Bahaudin, Shaykh Ataullah Haneef, Hafiz Muhammad Binyameen and Shaykh AbdurRasheed Goharwi.

After completing his studies, he spent all his life for the service of Islam and propagation of Maslak Ahl e Hadith. His services through speeches are a shining chapter in the history of Ahl e Hadith.

Shaykh AbdurRasheed Iraqee wrote: “Yazdani Shaheed (Shaheed) as a true Muhibe Watan gave his intellect, brightness and tongue as Waqf for the safety of Pakistan, for Istihkam and Nifaz of Islamic Qanoon.”

Shaykh Iraqee further wrote: “Molana Yazdani’s political services deserve to be mentioned. He started his political life with Nawabzadah Naseerullah Khan’s Jumhuri Party. He was an effective leader of Qawmi Ittihad. He took fully part in the movement against Bhutto’s autocratic regime, and he was imprisoned for this reason”

Shaykh Yazdani was a flag bearer of Tawheed and Sunnah. He was the greatest criminal in the eyes of the people of innovation, thus on the 14th August 1984, they launched an attack against him on Monki with the intent to kill him, he was severely injured and rushed to hospital were he received treatment. Despite this attack and after recovering, he carried on his speeches against Shirk and Bid’aat.

Shaykh Habeeb Ur Rahman Yazdani was a scholar of great piety and purity, he was affable and very hospitable.

He passed away as Shaheed (insha Allah) on the 23rd March 1987 when a bomb exploded under the platform in a conference at Qil’ah Chaman Singh on Ravi Rd in Lahore. Shaykh Habib ur Rahman Yazdani delivered his speech on Seerah Nabi (saw) and afterwards Allamah Ihsan Elahi Zaheer started his speech and the bomb exploded. Shaykh Yazdani was on the stage. Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi and Muhammad Najeeb Khan passed away straight after the explosion. Shaykh Yazdani and Allamah Ihsan Elahi Zaheer were both seriously injured and rushed to the hospital. Shaykh Yazdani passed away on the 24th March and Allamah Ihsan Ilahi Zaheer passed away on the 30 March in Riyadh.

Professor Hakeem Inayatullah Naseem Sohadrawi said in an article after the death of Shaykh Yazdani:

“The purpose of Shaykh Yazdani was only to make the creed of Tawheed the sound of heart of every Muslim”

Source: “Tazkirah Nubala fi Tarajim Al-Ullama” of Shaykh AbdurRasheed Iraqee.

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