Tazkirah Aslaaf, Shaykh AbdulMajeed Sohadrawi (1318-1379/1901-1959)

Shaykh AbdulMajeed Sohadrawi’s grand father Shaykh Ghulam Nabi Rabbani was born in 1849 in Sohadrah. He studied in Wazeerabad, Jalalpur and Sialkot respectively from Shaykh Qadir Baksh Faqeeh, Shaykh AbdulBaqi and Shaykh Murtadha Sialkoti. Afterwards he went to learn Tafsir and Hadith from Hafiz Muhammad Lakhvi. Shaykh Ghulam Nabi Rabbani went in 1874 to study from Arif Billah Shaykh Abdullah Ghaznawi in Amritsar. Afterwards he went to Delhi to obtain Ijazah from Shaykh Al-Kull Mian Nazeer Husayn Dehlwi. Afterwards he returned to Sohadrah where he started teaching and preaching against Shirk wa Bid’at. He passed away in 1930 in Sohadrah.

Shaykh AbdulMajeed Sohadrawi’s father Shaykh Abdul Hameed Sohadrawi was born in 1882 in Sohadrah. Shaykh Abdul Hameed Sohadrawi studied initially from his father afterwards went to Wazeerabad to study from Ustadh Al-Punjab Hafiz AbdulMannan Wazeerabadi and studied from him Tafsir, Hadith and other sciences. Shaykh AbdulMannan Wazeerbadi seeing his good attributes accepted to give his daughter to him in marriage.

Afterwards Shaykh Abdul Hameed Sohadrawi went to Delhi and studied Fiqh, Hadith and Tafsir from Shaykh Al-Kull Mian Nazeer Husayn Dehlwi and obtained Ijazah from him. Afterwards he also benefitted from Shaykh Shamsul Haq Azeemabadi, Shaykh Husayn ibn Muhsin Al-Ansari and the reviver of the Sunnah Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan.

After returning to Sohadrah he established a Madrasaah called “Madrasah Hameediyah” and we count among his famous students: Shaykh Nizmaudin Kathori, Shaykh Murad Ali Kathori, Shaykh Imam Khan Noshahrwi, Shaykh Hidayatullah Sohadrawi, Hafiz Muhammad Hayat, Shaykh AbulAziz from Khuni Chak in province of Gujrat.

Shaykh Abdul Hameed Sohadrawi passed away at the age of 30 in 1912.

Shaykh Abdul Majeed Sohadrawi was born in 1901. At the age of 10, his father Shaykh Abdul Hameed had passed away, so his grand father Shaykh Ghulam Nabi Rabbani became in charge of his education. After studying from his grand father, he went to study from Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti. After completing his studies at the age of 20, he returned to Sohdarah to preach Tawheed and Sunnah. He launched the magazine “Musalman” in 1921.

Shaykh Abdul Majeed Sohadrawi played an active role in activating Jama’at Ahl e Hadith. Anjuman Ahl e Hadith Punjab was established in 1920, and its first president was Shaykh Abdul Qadir Qasuri and its first secretary general was Shaykh Thanaullah Amritsari, and Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti, Shaykh Qadhi Muhammad Sulayman Mansurpuri, Shaykh Sayid Dawood Ghaznawi, Shaykh Muhammad Isma’eel Salafi, Shaykh Qadhi AbdurRaheem, Shaykh Muhammad Ali Lakhvi and Hakeem Noorudin Faislabadi were part of its executive body.

In 1928, Shaykh Qadhi Muhammad Sulayman Mansurpuri was elected as president of Anjuman Ahl e Hadith Punjab and Shaykh Abdul Majeed Sohadrawi as its secretary general.

Shaykh Abdul Hameed Sohadrawi was a great orator, a very active journalist and he also took part in national politics. He was first a member of Congress and afterwards joined Muslim League. In 1953, he joined the Qadiyani Tahreek and was sentenced for 6 months for it but he only remained for 1 month in jail.

He had established an institute for publication called “Musalman Company” and published Qadhi Sulayman Mansurpuri’s books and his Islamic and books related to medicine in it.

Islamic books:

1) “Khulasah Tafsir Al-Manar” (Surah Al-Fatihah)
2) “Tafsir Surah Al-Fatihah”
3) “Hadith ki pehli ta chothi Kitab”
4) “Hayat Nabi (saw)”
5) “Rahbar Kamil (saw)”
6) “Seerah Al-Aimah”
7) “Seerah Aishah”
8) “Seerah Imam Abu Haneefah”
9) “Seerah Fatimah”
10) “Seerah Thanai” (Biography of Shaykh Thanaullah Amritsari)
11) “Dolat Mand Sahabah”
12) “Nuqush Azad” (biography of Shaykh Abul Kalam Azad)
13) “Engrez or Wahabi”
14) “Safar Namah Hijaz”
15) “Intikhab Sahihayn”
16) “Dastan Mirza”
17) “Sharh Araba’een Nabawi”
18) “Sharh Arab’een Ibrahimi”
19) “Hindu Shu’ara ka Na’tiyah Kalam”
20) “Mubahathah Gosht Khori”
21) “Ustadh e Punjab” (Biography of Hafiz Abul Mannan Wazeerabadi)
22) “Tahreek Wahabiyat”
23) “Khutbat Thanai”

Shaykh AbdulMajeed Sohadrawi also authored 34 books related to Medicine.

Shaykh Abdul Majeed Sohadrawi passed away on 6th November 1959 and was buried next to his grand father Shaykh Ghulam Nabi Rabbani.

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