Kaylani family'e efforts in spreading knowledge and publication:

The head of the Kaylani family was Haji Muhammad Arif who had three sons: Imamudin, Muhammad Din and Sultan Ahmad .

Shaykh Imamudin was a scholar who studied at Madrasah Ghaznawiyah Amritsar, and he had 3 sons: Noor Ilahi, Hafiz AbdulHai and AbdulWahid.

Noor Ilahi was not a scholar but would benefit from their lectures, and his profession was calligraphist, he was copying books to be printed. He had 4 sons: Muhammad Sulayman, Muhammad Idrees, AbdurRahman and AbdulGhafoor.

Shaykh Muhammad Sulayman Kaylani, ibn Noor Ilahi ibn Imamdudin: He was a student of Shaykh Isma'eel Salafi. he taught in Alipurah Chattah for 13 years upon instruction of Shaykh Ismaeel Salafi, afterwards he went to Khayali Gujranwalah. He was a distinguished scholar and an author. He established a madrasah on Khayali "Jamiyah Aishah Siddiqah Lil Banat". He translated fully "Subul Salam Sharh Bulugh Maram" of Allamah San'ani. He also completed the translation and explanation of "Mishkat Al-Masabih" started by his teacher Shaykh Isma'eel Salafi who only did first quarter. The rest was completed by his student and published in 4 volumes. Among his children AbdulWaheed, AbdulWakeel and AbdulHaleem.

Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kaylani ibn Noor Ilahi ibn Imamdudin : He was a distinguished scholar and calligraphist. He was a student of Shaykh Muhammad Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani and copied many books of him and his Maktabah for publishing such as "Ta'liqat Salafiyah ala Sunnan Nasai", "Tafsir Ahsan Tafasir", "Fatawa Nazeeriyah" 3 vol. He also did Takhrij of the last 3 volumes of "Tafsir Ahsan Tafasir". He had 4 sons: Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Riyadh, Muhammad Khalid. He passed away  on 13 October 1992.

Shaykh Muhammad Iqbal Kaylani, ibn Muhammad Idrees: Born on 7 July 1945. He learnt parts of "Bulugh Al-Maram" and "Mishkat" from his father. He did his MSC in Chemistry om 1968 from Government college Lahore. He worked from 1969 to 1978  as senior research assistant at Tarbella Dam project. In 1978 he went to KSA and became professor in King Su'ud University. he authored many beneficial books. Many have been translated into English: Books from series "Tafheem As-Sunnah" of Shaykh Muhammad Iqbal Kailani (Hadith Publication, Bait-us-Salam Riyad)

Book #1: The Book of Oneness of Allah – Pages: 206
#2: The Book of Following the Prophet's Path – P. 128
#3: The Book of Cleanliness – P. 112
#4: The Book of Prayer – P. 208
#5: The Book of Funeral – P. 144
#6: The Book on Salaat Aln-Nabiyye – P. 63
#7: The Book of Supplication – P. 192
#8: The Book of Zakat – P. 112
#9: The Book of Fasting – P. 96
#10: The Book of Hajj and Umrah – P. 272
#12: The Book of Wedding (Nikah) – P. 223
#13: The Book of Divorce – P. 120
#14: The Book of Paradise – P. 247
#16: The Book of Intercession – P. 104
#17: The Book on Details of Grave – P. 159
#18: The Book on Signs of Resurrection – P. 232
#19: The Book on Teachings of the Holy Quran – P. 264

Shaykh AbdurRahman Kaylani ibn Noor Ilahi ibn Imamudin ibn Haji Muhammad Arif: He was born in November 1923 in Kaylianwala. he did his Matric in Government high school in 1941 in Gujranwalah. he learnt religious knowledge at home. He joined tha army in 1944 and left it in 1947, and choose book publication as a profession. From 1961 to 1981, he copied 40 times the Qur'an for publication. he turned to authoring books in 1981, and the list of his books is below. :

1) Islam mein Dhabitah Tijarat
2) Maghrabi Jumhuriyat
3) Khilfat wa Jumhuriyat
4) Aql Prasti or Inkar Mu'jizat
5) Saudi Arab mein Nizam Zakah (translation from Arabic)
6) Ainah Parwexiyat
7) Shariat wa Tariqat
8) Rooh Azab Qabr or Sima Mawta
9) Ahkam Satr wa Hijab.
10) Islam mein Fazilah Dolat la Maqam
11) Sargazisht Nooristan
12) Mutaradifat Al-Quran.
13) Qur'an Fahmi le asbab or un ka Hall.
14) Ash-Shams wAl-Qamar bi Husban
15) Tafsir Taysir Al-Quran (4 vol)
16) Aan Hazrat (saw) bi Haythiyat sapah Salar.

Shaykh AbdurRahman Kaylani passed away on 18 September 1998. His book against Parveziyat is one of largest and best on topic of refuting "Parvezis Hadith rejectors". His book "Aql Prasti" refutes modernists like Sir Sayid Ahmad Khan and others who deny miracles. His book "Shariat wa Tariqat" is also a reference book against Sufism.

Shaykh AbdulMalik Mujahid: Born in November 1955, Shaykh AbdulMalik Mujahid is also from the Kaylani family and student of Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kaylani who was his uncle. He established Darussalam, one of greatest Maktabah in English who also translated many books of Indopak scholars in Arabic and Urdu. Shaykh AbdulMalik Mujahid also authored many books in Urdu which have been translated into English.Shaykh AbdulMalik Mujahid is also the president of Markazi Jamiat Ahl e Hadith KSA (Kingdom Saudi Arabia).

1) “Golden Rays of Prophethood” (415p)
2) "Golden Morals, A Collection of Stories from the Seerah" (312p)
3) "Golden words" (297p)
4) "Golden Stories of Abu Bakr" (276p)
5) "Golden Stories of Umar" (417p)
6) "Golden Stories of Sayidah Khadijah" (191p)
7) "Golden Stories of Muslim women" (349p)
8) "Golden Stories of accepted prayers" (287p)
9) “Golden Supplications” (205p)
10) "Golden Seerah for the young generation” (480p)
11) “220 Golden Hadiths from the Messenger (saw)” (128p)
12) “Gems and Jewels, Wise Sayings, Interesting Events & Moral” (319p)
13) “The Battle of Qadisiyah” (111p)
14) “Loving our Parents: Stories of Duties & Obligations” (p 299p)
15) “A Day in the Life of a Muslim Child” (64P)
16) "Golden Supplications for Children" 48p

Reference: Tazkirah Nubala fi Tarajim Al-Ullama of Shaykh AbdurRasheed Iraqee and others.

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