Shaikh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi was born in 1940 in Kot Ranjeet Singh, a village near Shaikhuparah. His father Molvi Ghulam Muhammad was a very religious person and making shoes and as well farming in fields. Because of his piety, he was made Imam in the Ahl e Hadith Masjid of the village. He spend some time in jail in “Tahreek e Khatme Nubuwat” in 1953. Molvi Ghulam Muhammad’s family was originally involved in innovations at graves, Urs (celebration) and other innovated practices but through the Da’wah of Shaykh Noor Husayn Garjakhi, he and his brother became Ahl e Hadith. Afterwards Molvi Ghulam Muhammad had excellent relations with Shaykh Garjakhi and Shaykh Ataullah Haneed Bhujiyani.

Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi’s brothers all worked in fields but he was very desirous to obtain religious knowledge. His father enrolled in primary school and wanted to send him after to high school but he wanted to acquire religious knowledge. Hence he joined the Madrasah of Mian Muhammad Baqir in 1955 near Faisalabad, Mian Muhammad Baqir was a student of Shaykh AbdulJabbar Ghaznawi and Shaykh Dawood Ghaznawi.

On 22 June 1956 in the Jami Masjid Ahl e Hadith in Ameenpur Bazar in Faisalabad, Shaykh Dawood Ghaznawi gave the speech inaugurating the opening of Jamiyah Salafiyah, and Shaykh Mian Muhammad Baqir send the 2 best students of his Madrasah there, and the student who was in first position was Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi, hence he joined the first promotion of Jamiyah Salafiyah.

Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi graduated from Jamiyah Salafiyah Faislabad in 1962, and he benefited there from the major Ahl e Hadith scholars such as Hafiz Muhammad Gondlawi, Shaykh AbdulGhaffar Hasan and others. Afterwards he wanted to apply after to Madeenah University which was just opened but Shaykh Ismaeel Salafi advised him to stay in Pakistan as there is much work to do there. Later on, his daughter once told him maybe going to Madeenah was better to which he replied: “Molana Ismaeel Salafi could not make a wrong decision about me, his decision was right”.

Shaikh AbduKhaliq Quddusi became teacher in 1963 at “Jamiyah Muhammadiah” established by Shaykh Isma’eel Salafi in Gujranwalah. He married on 29 April 1965 and Shaykh Ismaeel Salafi conducted his Nikah.

In 1966 he moved to Lahore to teach in the Madrasah of Chiniyan Wali Masjid, which was a historical Ahl e Hadith Masjid in Lahore. Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Batalwi, Shaykh AbdulJabbar Ghaznawi, Shaykh AbdulWahid Ghaznawi, Shaykh Dawood Ghaznawi and many other prestigious scholars were giving Khutbah in this Masjid. After the death of Shaykh Dawood Ghaznawi in 1963, Shaykh Muhammad Ishaq Rahmani became Khateeb for some times but due to illness could not carry on for long. Shaykh AbdulKhaliq Quddusi also had honour to give Khutbah for 6 months there and after in 1967 Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer was appointed as Khateeb of this prestigious Masjid and he occupied this position up to his death.

In this Masjid (ie outside shop), Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi started to buy and sell books under the name of Maktabah Quddusia, and after he moved it to Ashraf press in Maktabah Shaykh Muhammad Ashraf (Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer afterwards established the office of his "Idarah Tarjuman As-Sunnah" in this building).

After for some months Maktabah Quddusia was established in Kashmiri Bazar. After he remained some times in Karachi were he taught and carried on selling books.

After Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi returned to Lahore were he decided to live permanently and established Maktabah Quddusia in Urdu Bazar in Lahore, which became his permanent profession and which was also his passion.

Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi published many books, and listing them will be too long but among some of the preeminent titles he published:

1) “At-Tamheed” of Ibn Abdil Barr
2) “Abjad Al-Uloom” of Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan
3) "Al-Bidayah wa Nihayah" of ibn Katheer
4) Urdu translation of “Tafsir ibn Katheer”, translation of Shaykh Muhammad Junaghari.

Before establishing Maktabah Quddusia, Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi had published “Fatawa Thanaiyah” and “Fatawa Nazeeriyah” and many other books with Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer under Allamah Ehsan Ilahi’s publication “Idarah Tarjuman As-Sunnah”.

Also Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi published “Jawami Seerah” of ibn Hazm, “Sahih ibn Khuzaymah”, the translation of Mishkat Al-Masabeeh of Shaykh Ismail Salafi and many books of Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan.

Among his preeminent students, we count:

1) Hafiz Abdullah Shaikhupuri
2) Hafiz Abdul Hameed Azhar
3) Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani
4) Qari Rooh Al-Ameen, from Bangladesh
5) Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Zahiri
6) Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim
7) Shaykh Muhammad Kaleemudin Uthmani
8) Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Lakhwi.

His martyrdom (insha Allah) with Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer.

On the 23 March 1987, Shaykh AbdulKhaliq Quddusi was the Muntazim of a public conference organized near his house, Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer and other scholars were guest speakers, and a bomb exploded under the stage, in which Shaykh AbdulKhaliq Quddusi passed away with Shaykh HabiburRahman Yazadani and Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer later on from his wounds. May Allah accept their martyrdom!!!

In this explosion, the family of Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi had suffered the most as his sons and nephews were in charge of the conference, not only the scholar and leader of the family passed away, one of his nephews became blind, one of his nephews lost one eye and four relatives were injured.

Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi did not author any book but wrote many well researched articles in different magazines such as "Al-Itisam" and others. Shaykh Ishaq Bhatti advised his eldest son Shaykh Abubakr Quddusi to combine all these articles under a collection called “Maqalat Quddusi”.

Before his death, Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi was preparing a large collection of the history of Ahl e Hadith, and had started collecting many information on the biographies of many scholars, had underlined quotes in more than 20 books and had started to arrange and organize his book on “Tarikh Ahl e Hadith” but unfortunately he passed away before writing it.

Shaykh AbdulKhaliq Quddusi was highly respected among scholars, his teachers such as Shaykh Muhammad Haneef Nadwi and others would visit his Maktabah regularly and see progress of his works, many preeminent scholars would come to visit him such as Shaykh Muhibullah Shah Rashdi, Shaykh Badiudin Shah Rashdi. Shaykh Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyan had made him member of his committee of Sadaqah in “Dar Ad-Da’wah As-Salafiyah”, Mufti Ubaydullah Khan Afeef was a close friend since their time of students of knowledge, and many other scholars such as Shaykh ishaq Bhatti were his close friends.

After his death, his sons Shaykh Abu Bakr Abubakr Quddusii and his younger brother Shaykh Umer Farooq Quddusii carried on his Makatabah and published many books whose listing will be too long but among most preeminent:

1) Sharh Sahih Bukhari of Allamah Dawood Raaz Dehlawi
2) “Seerah An-Nabi” in Urdu of Hafiz ibn Katheer.

3) 12 books of Shaykh Ishaq Bhatti on Tarikh Ahl e Hadith and short biographies of scholars “Nuqoosh Azmat Raftah”, “Bazme Arjjumand”, “Hift Iqleem”, “Bare Sagheer mein Ahl e Hadith Khudam e Quran”, “Dabistan Hadith”, “Gulistan Hadith”, “Chamestan Hadith”, “Molana Ahmadin Ghakarwi”, “Qafilah Hadith”, “Bare Sagheer mein Ahl e Hadith ki Aamid, Islam ki Betiyan” and “Bustan e Hadith”

4) “Tarikh Ahl e Hadith” of Shaykh Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti
5) “Sarim maslool” of Shaykhil Islam ibn Taymiyah, Urdu Translation Pr. Ghulam Hariri.
6) “Khutabat Muhammadi” of Shaykh Junaghari
7) Khutbat Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer, organised by Umer Farooq Quddusi
8) “Silsilah Ahadith Saheehah”, complete Urdu translation of Shaykh Albani’s work.
9) Sharh Mishkat of Shaykh Sadiq Khaleel 5 vol
10) Sharh Mishkat of Shaykh AbdusSalam Bastawi, 5 vol, called “Anwar Al-Masabih”
11) “Dars Bukhari” of Hafiz Gondlawi
12) “Jaizah Ahwazi” 4 vol Arabic of Hafiz Thanaullah Madni
13) “Minhatul Bari” of Shaykh Ramzan Salfi with notes of Hafiz Gondalwi (2 vol for moment, more to come)
14) “Sunnan Abi Dawood” with tahqiq of Shaykh Albani
15) “Al-Lulu wal Marjan” translated by Allamah Dawood Raaz Dehlwi
16) “Fatatwa Muhammadiyah” vol 1 of Mufti Ubaydullah Khan Afeef.
17) “Sharh Bulugh Al-Maram” of Shaykh Ahmad Hasan Dehlwi
18) “Inkar e Hadith ka Niyah Roob” of Shaykh Ghazi Ozair Mubarakpuri
19) “Ashab Al-Badr” of Shaykh Sulaiman Mansurpuri
20) “Ayam e khilafat” and “Al-Ilm wal Ullama” of Shaykh AbdurRauf Jandaghari
21) “Ahkam Talaq”, “Ahkam e Nikah”, “Tohin e Risalat ki Shar’i Saza”, “Ahmiyat Namaz”, Islam mein Sulah Rehmi ki Ahmiyat” of Shaykh Muhammad Ali Janbhaz.
22) “In reply to the mischief of denial of Hadith”, eng translation of workl of Shaykh SafiurRahman Mubarakpuri.
23) “Tahreek Ahl e Hadith” of Qadi Muhammad Aslam Sayf Ferozpuri
24) “Islah Al-Masajid” of Shaykh Jamaludin Qasimi with tahqiq of Shaykh Albani, Urdu translation by Shaykh Muqtada Hasan Azhari.
25) Tafsir Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan Urdu, first 2 vol, more to come, in conjunction with "Dar Abi Tayib"

And many other great works which will be too long to list.

Also Shaykh Abu Bakr Abubakr Quddusi has authored a best seller biography of Allamah Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer under the name “Tera Naqsh e Qadam Dekhte hein” published by Maktabah Quddusia.

Shaykh Umer Farooq Quddusi also authored many beneficial books such as “Ahl e Hadith par Kuch muzid Karam Farmaiyan” (a reply to Deobandi book “Shadi ke pehli das ratein”) and “Nabi rehmat ki ratein” and others.

May Allah have mercy on Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi and may He give Tawfeeq to his sons to carry on his great legacy, and bring us joy with their beautiful books.

Source: most info taken from "Nuqush Azmat Raftah" of Shaykh Ishaq Bhatti who was a close friend of Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Quddusi.

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