Pr Ghulam Ahmad Hariri (1920-1990)

He was born in Gurdaspur in 1920. he did his FA in 1938, his BA in 1940, his Molvi fazil in 1944, Munshi fazil in 1945, MA Arabic in 1955 in Punjab University.

He would attend the lessons of Quran of Molana Ghullamullah Khan in Rawalpindi

He started to work as Professor in different cities. In 1955 he was professor in Islamiyah College in Faislabad and he would also teach some sessions in Jami'yah Salafiyah Faislabad. There while teaching, he also learned books of Usul Fiqh and Ilm Al-Kalam from Hafiz Muhammad Gondalwi.

Shaykh Muhammad Ali Janbaz was among his famous students.

After teaching in different universities such as Zari University Faislabad, Islamiyah University Bahawulpur, in 1981 he was appointed as teacher in Saudi Arabia in their Zar'i (agricultural) university.

Pr Ghulam Ahmad Hariri was very active in translating great works. Among his greatest achievement was the full translation of the "Muhalla" of Hafiz ibn Hazm, which first 2 vol were published by sh Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani and others were given to another organization.

He also translated the monumental word of Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyah "Saril Al-Maslool"

With "Al-Muhalla" and "Sarim Al-Maslool", he also translated the following books into Urdu:

1) Hayat Imam Abu Hanifah of Abu Zahrah Misri (sh Ataullah Haneef put notes on it)

2) Hayat ibn Al-Qayim

3) Hayat Ibn Hazm

4) Hadith Rasool ka Tashrii Maqam, translation of "As-Sunnah wa Makanatuha fi Tashri Al-Islami" of Dr Mustafa Siba'i

5) Uloom Al-Quran of dr Subhi Salih

6) Uloom Al-Hadith of Dr Subhi Salih

7) Islami Mazahib, translation of "Al-Mazahib Al-Islamiyah" of sh Abu Zahrah Misri

8) Tarikh Hadith wa Muhadithin, transaltion of "Al-Hadith wal Muhadithun" of sh Abu Zahrah Al-Misri

9) The Talkhis of "Manhaj As-Sunnah Nabawiyah" of ibm Taymiyah, summarised by Hafiz Zahabi, which Hafiz Zahabi called "Al-Muntaqa"

10) Abu Hurairah, translation of the book "Abu Hurairah, Rawiatul Ilsam"

11) Qurani Kareem ke Fanni Mahasin

His own writings:

12) Tarikh Tafsir wal Mufasirun

13) Arbi Urdu Bol chal

14) Asaas Islam

15) Fahm Al-Islam

16) Sharh Al-Hadith wal Fiqh

He also wrote 9 Maqalat which are published in v 14-16 of Daairah Al-Ma'arif Al-Islamiyah:

1) I'jaz Al-Quran
2) Ulum Al-Quran
3) Quran Kareem ke Atharat wa Barakat
4) Ilm Sarf
5) Ilm Al-Ishtiqaaq
6) Sirat Nigari
7) Arab Na't Nigari
8) Ka'bah
9) Minbar

Pr Ghulam Ahmad Hariri passed away in May 1990

May Allah bestow mercy upon him!

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