Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad At-Tuklah mentioned on the forum as in link below that Ustaz Husayn ‘Ali, who was among those who supervised the Tahqiq of Tafsir Al-Alusi, clarified that there was no alteration in the Tafsir of Allamah Mahmud Al-Alusi and they checked the Turkish manuscript written by the hands of Allamah Mahmud Al-Alusi.

Ustaz Husayn Ali wrote: “O brothers, though the topic is ancient, but it is important I reply to it as I was among those who supervised the Tahqiq of the Tafsir Al-Alusi in Iraq, the published version was compared to four manuscripts and one of them being the Turkish manuscript, and we did not find any Tahreef (alteration) in it, and they were not dissatisfied. Yes we did believe that his son Nu’man altered it, but after a precise comparison (to these manuscripts), this calumny (against Nu’man Al-Alusi) was proven false.

He further wrote: “O brothers, I am amazed at these claims (of Tahreef). I have informed you that this claim (of Tahreef in Tafsir Al-Alusi) is not correct. The Kuliyah of Imam A’zam in ‘Iraq did Tahqiq of the Tafsir with a Tahqiq based on knowledge, and they compared the Tafsir to many manuscripts and this claim is not correct. You refuse the Tasdeeq of the reality and you accept the Tasdeeq of what is propagated. The Iraqi Sunni Waqf in these days is preparing to publish the Tahqiq of Alusi in Jordan, after Tahqiq and comparison with many manuscripts, among them the manuscript that was given by Al-Alusi to the Ottoman Sultan”

He further wrote about this Tahqiq of the Tafsir Al-Alusi: “After the epistles (manuscripts) were examined by students, the saying that the son of Al-Alusi altered the Tafsir of his father started to spread, and the ministry of Awqaf had no solution but to send a group, headed by Dr AbdulMun’im Salih, the minister of Awqaf at that time and who was a specialist of Tafsir, to Turkey to obtain the original manuscript which was written by the hands of Al-Alusi. And it (photocopies) was distributed to the students to rely on it as the original manuscript, and the students who had examined were charged to restart comparing their epistles (manuscripts) to the new manuscript (brought from Turkey), and no Tahreef (alteration) was proven, except some natural differences between manuscripts like a line dropping or a word changed, and what is similar to it.”

See details of speech of Ustaz Husayn Ali:

So how can the Kawthari sect claim Tahreef of “Ruh Al-Ma’ani” after it has been compared to many manuscripts and even the manuscript of Turkey which was written by the hands of Mahmud Al-Alusi?

Al-Hamdullilah, Allamah Nu’man Al-Alusi has been proven innocent and Zahid Al-Kawthari again proven as unreliable.

Here you have a Turkish person saying he checked the speech of Al-Alusi on Tawassul in the manuscript of Al-Alusi in Maktabah Raghib Pasha in Istanbul, and it is similar to the published one, showing again that there is no Tahreef in the published version: